Schools Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

The Leaf Trust is committed to its vision to be a leading Primary and Early Years trust in the South West and a leading voice in primary education. We believe in deep collaboration and know that the greater the collaboration, the more significant the impact. To realise our vision and deepen collaboration, we aim to grow responsibly.

Core Principles for Growth:

Geographical Location

  • We believe that deep collaboration comes from staff coming together for events and visiting each other’s schools regularly. We also believe that we build a sense of belonging by coming together for training and support.
  • To achieve our goals, we are committed to growth within an easy commute for staff. We believe that to be no more than a 30-minute drive (approximately 15 miles) from other schools in the family.



  • As a trust committed to community and inclusion, our Trust membership must reflect the different schools within our area of operation. The Leaf Trust recognises the unique strengths of all schools, from small rural schools to large three-form entry schools. The Leaf Trust is committed to providing a home to all schools and ensuring our membership reflects this.
  • School improvement requires significant resources. We aim to support a range of schools across the OFSTED grades. Always balancing the needs of the potential school joining and the capacity required. The Leaf Trust is committed to always supporting vulnerable schools.



  • The Leaf Trust is proud to be a mixed Trust of Church of England VC schools and community schools working together to benefit all children.
  • Our aim is that the number of church schools within our trust reflects the proportion of foundation-appointed Trustees and members, 25%, as a minimum.
  • We are committed to supporting all sizes of primary schools from small village schools to large inner-city schools.

Future Growth

The schools within The Leaf Trust have successfully worked together to deliver school improvement and support vulnerable schools within our community. To continue to be successful, we must continue to do what we do well and maintain high standards across all of our schools. Therefore we are not seeking to add any secondary schools to the trust.

The Leaf Trust would welcome growth from the following:

  • Converter maintained schools, including:
    • Nursery schools
    • Primary schools
    • Infant and Junior Schools
    • Schools with resource bases
    • Federations
  • Voluntary Controlled Church of England schools
  • Schools graded as Requires Improvement or Inadequate by OFSTED seeking sponsorship
  • Single Academy Trusts wishing to join a larger Trust
  • Small Trusts looking to dissolve and join The Leaf Trust