Governor Information

Governor Information

At The Leaf Trust, we understand the crucial role that strong governance plays in the success of our organisation. To ensure effective decision-making and accountability, we have implemented a three-layered governance structure. The first layer consists of our members, who act as the guardians of the Trust. The Trust Board forms the second layer, overseeing strategic direction and decision-making. Lastly, we have committees, including the local School Governance Forums, which provide a platform for collaboration and local input. Through this robust governance framework, we uphold transparency, integrity, and collective responsibility to drive our organisation’s growth and achievement.

At The Leaf Trust, we believe in the power of shared responsibility and collaboration across all levels of our organisation. At the board level, local level, and executive level, we have established shared portfolios that encompass key areas such as safeguarding and whistleblowing, curriculum and standards, inclusion and SEND, as well as community, ethos, and character. Through these shared portfolios, we foster networks and facilitate targeted training, ensuring that best practices and expertise are shared throughout our Trust. This collaborative approach enables us to provide a well-rounded and inclusive education, tailored to the needs of our students and communities.


Mark Unwin

Ian Surridge

Jo Willis

Corporate Member for The Diocese of Bristol

Sarah Williams


Margaret Simmonds-Bird

Chair of Trustees

Domini Harewood

Steve Riches

Vice Chair of Trustees

James Hyde

Claire Rogers

Liz Townend

David Rowe

Richard Hanks

Tania Craig

Christine Dursley