Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values:

“Everyone will feel they belong to a strong community, they will experience personal growth as people and learners; everyone will succeed through an ethic of excellence.”

All feel that they belong:

At the Leaf Trust, we believe that children, families and staff thrive and strive to improve when they feel that they are valued and that they belong.

Our school communities are diverse and, as a Trust, we understand that each school should aim to meet the needs of its community by providing a unique vision and offer. You will see that all our schools are different, with different visions, values and their own curricula to match.

We celebrate and encourage these differences. We believe that this gives parents true choice and ensures that our schools truly serve the communities in which they are situated.

A sense of belonging for children…

We believe that the Leaf Trust should support schools in developing children’s sense of belonging by supporting schools to provide unique, values-led and locally-focused curricula which invest the children in the world around them.

A sense of belonging for families…

We believe that families thrive when they feel that they belong to a strong, cohesive community and, as a Trust, we support schools to foster a sense of community belonging and agency. We achieve this through strong local School Partnership Boards, giving parents a voice in their school and by encouraging schools to offer a wide range of opportunities and support to their families.

A sense of belonging for staff…

We believe that staff thrive when they feel that they belong in a school which aligns with their own values. As such, we support Leaf schools in developing their strong unique vision, which is lived every day and which staff can identify with. Every Leaf school has its own Headteacher who has chosen to work at that specific school and who is the champion of the school’s vision and values. Whilst staff can move between Leaf schools, for promotion or development, they do so through choice – not compulsion.

All feel that they are growing:

Within the Leaf Trust, we strongly believe that we can all grow and learn – becoming the best version of ourselves.

Growing as a child…

As well as actively promoting strong academic growth, especially as a reader – the key which unlocks all learning – we believe that helping a child grow in confidence across the curriculum is essential to their future happiness and success. We believe that children grow when they have access to horizon-widening experiences and our ‘11 by 11 Children’s Charter’ articulates our Trust-wide goal to ensure this.

Growing as a family…

As well as supporting children to grow and be successful, as a Trust we recognise that all our schools must support families in being happy and successful. As such, we ensure that all Leaf schools have support available to families, not just at times of difficulty, but also in supporting parents throughout their child’s time at a Leaf Trust school.

Growing as a staff member…

The Leaf Trust understands that the people working in our schools are our greatest asset. If we can foster, support and encourage our staff teams through excellent terms and conditions; high-quality training and coaching; and clear career pathways for all parts of the workforce, we stand the greatest chance of keeping the best staff working within our schools. We therefore make every effort to make the Leaf Trust the ‘employer of choice’.

All feel that they can succeed through an ethic of excellence

As a family of Leaf schools, we believe that excellence and success are not the result of luck, but opportunity, tuition and practise. We believe we can all be successful if properly supported by excellent instruction.

Successful children…

We believe in high academic expectations and work tirelessly to remove barriers to successful learning. All Leaf schools are committed to inclusion and supporting children irrespective of their need to become their ‘best selves’.

Successful families…

Being a parent is one of the hardest and rewarding jobs in the world. As Leaf Trust schools, we work together to provide tools for families so that they can support their children at home, both academically and developmentally.

Successful staff…

Through access to be best training available, individual coaching and mentoring and career-long support, Leaf schools are here to support our staff every step of the way.

Our Principles:

As a Trust, Leaf strives to:

  • Be Primary, Early Years and Inclusion Experts.
  • Champion unique schools at the heart of their communities.
  • Create at ‘ethic of excellence’, where every child becomes their ‘best self’.
  • Ensure our schools have their own Headteacher, who knows their community best.
  • Serve every child and family.
  • Engage in developing world-class, evidence-led practice.
  • Champion school-specific curricula which inspire joy and deep learning.
  • Provide professional growth programmes for all parts of the workforce.
  • Work as a family of schools to help each school succeed.


The audacious long-term goalTo be a leading Primary and Early Years Trust in the South West and a leading voice in Primary and Early Years education.

Our Purpose…

It’s why we exist

To provide excellence in Primary and Early Years education for the children we serve and the communities they live in.


Our mission…

It’s what we do

By combining our collective strength and valuing our unique differences we:

1.      Provide excellence in Primary and Early Years education through collaboration, challenge and support,

2.      Develop staff efficacy and agency by investing in opportunities for professional growth to develop the best practitioners,

… to enable success for ALL

Our vision…

It’s what we will achieve

Everyone will feel they belong to a strong community, they will experience personal growth as people and learners; everyone will succeed through an ethic of excellence.

All feel they belong


All have opportunities to grow


All succeed


Our values…

It’s how we will act