Pupil Pledge

Pulip Pledge

At Leaf we seek not just to support schools in creating an effective curriculum, tailored to the needs and community of each school, but also in providing joyful experiences which enhance children’s sense of belonging; allowing them to grow through new experiences; and allowing them to see themselves as successful in the broadest possible terms.

We understand that pupils who feel confident and connected to their schools and the world around them not only succeed academically but are also are happier and more resilient.

In consultation with our ‘Leaf Leaders,’ (the pupil representatives from each school), we have created a ‘Pupil Pledge.’ This commitment focuses our curriculum not only on academic excellence but also joyful experiences.

Pledge 1: Develop an authentic love of reading.

Pledge 2: Publish their writing so that it is read by an audience within the wider Leaf family.

Pledge 3: Perform to an audience beyond their own school community.

Learning to read should be a joyful experience which inspires a life-long love of reading and books. At Leaf, we will look to promote not just the technical skill of reading, but the joy that it can bring.

Special events to promote this:

 The Leaf Reading Festival held annually each September (beginning September 2024).

The opportunity to refine and publish writing for a real audience is a huge motivator for all children and we will ensure that all children get the opportunity to do this.

Special events to promote this:

The Story of Leaf (Summer/ Autumn 2023). A special writing project to launch the new Trust where children will work with an established author and illustrator to create a children’s story about how the family o was formed.

Children can learn a great deal about the value of practice and rehearsal, and develop their self-confidence, from engaging in singing, dancing, performing and recital. We will provide a platform so that every child within Leaf gets the opportunity to share the outcome of their practice in inspiring surroundings in front of a large audience.

Special events to promote this:

The Leaf Choir Concert at St George’s Hall (Annually each June, starting June 2023).

The Leaf Eisteddfod (starting March 2024).

Pledge 4: Represent their school in sport.

Pledge 5: Contribute to their wider community.

Pledge 6: Celebrate the diverse cultures and communities within our Trust family.

Being able to represent your school in sports or competition fosters pride, determination and resilience.

Special events to promote this:

The Leaf Games (Annually, beginning June 2024).

Leaf Chess Competition (Annually, beginning May 2023)

Children who feel rooted in their local community develop a greater sense of belonging and agency.

Special events to promote this:

The Leaf local charity of the year campaign. Annually, starting September 2023.

We want children to feel a sense of kinship with the diversity of cultures and communities within the Bristol region and will provide opportunities for children to learn, and celebrate, with each other.

Special events to promote this:

The Leaf Cultural Festival (Annually, starting in 2024)

The Leaf Church Schools’ Christmas Carol Service at Bristol Cathedral. Annually, starting December 2023.