Mission & Aims

At Leaf: our vision; our mission; our aims – define what we are!

The Leaf Trust is designed to be an organisation with a clear vision; with values which we aim to live each and every day and a mission which we strive to achieve. Here you will find out about the Trust we want to be…

Our Mission & Aims:

Our purpose (our ‘why’):

We have a very clear purpose at the Leaf Trust: to provide excellence in Primary and Early Years education for the children we serve and the communities they live in. We believe that a great Early Years and Primary education is the foundation on which lifelong learning is built. We believe that, when we get this right for all children, lives are transformed forever.

Our Mission (our ‘what’):

By combining our collective strength and valuing our unique differences we:

  • Provide collaboration, challenge and support to spread an ethic of excellence throughout the Trust. We believe that each school’s unique attributes and diversity is the source of our strength. By aligning our expectations of excellence, whilst retaining our uniqueness, we believe that we can foster innovation and exceptional standards in teaching and learning.
  • Invest in our staff so that they continue to grow professionally, and choose to keep working in our schools. The staff working in our school are our greatest asset and must be nurtured and supported so that they are inspired to strive for excellence. By providing exceptional training and career pathways, and by offering outstanding terms and conditions, we believe that we can create and retain remarkable teachers, support staff, business professionals, site staff and leaders.

By doing these things we believe that all children… all families… and all staff, can and will succeed.