Leaf Ethos

Ethos and Character

We are proud to be community-reflective in our Leaf family of schools, having desire to learn from each other in a rich tapestry of faith, culture and background. Our schools are beacons of good practice, care and support, united in our desire to help every school family exceed their potential. This intention is enabled by our deliberate choice of mixed faith and community schools, echoing the full modernity of today’s British society. Life presents challenges – we intend our family to embrace opportunity and succeed!

Working with conscious collaboration as a group of community and church schools, we present the unique Leaf Trust Ethos Strategy, where there is an offer for every member to ensure ethos and values are strong, present and tangible in all settings. Events bring our communities together both in celebration and provision of high-quality learning for collective worship and RE, a duty all schools share. Additionally, there is a deeper, more specific offer for church schools through accessing the ‘Church School Flourishing’ programme and input from our qualified SIAMs inspector, developing theology and philosophy through fullness of life, joy and reflection.

The foundations of our Trust remains committed to a sense of ‘family’ that enables us to achieve more as a group than as individuals, through our shared work together.


Leaf Trust Ethos Strategy