About Us

The Leaf Trust is a family of schools committed to growth and improvement through purposeful collaboration. We are a Primary and Early Trust focusing on developing excellent community-focused Primary Schools for our children and families. We believe that Primary education should be joyful and that all children should experience success. We know that schools thrive when they are rooted in the community they serve. This community focus has led our decision-making, resulting in The Leaf Trust keeping the language of schools, retaining strong Headteachers and school governors and celebrating what makes each school special and unique.

We have three key areas that make us stronger together:

  • Our Collective Resource: This is how we can use our combined resources to better serve our schools and children.
  • Our Collective Support: This is where we use our collective strengths to help improve each other’s weaknesses or areas for development, always striving for excellence.
  • Our Collective Expertise: This is where we use our collective knowledge and experience to become the very best in a given area – our current focus is to become a Reading Trust.